"Guys are less open with their feelings. He doesn’t see the need to demonstrate them all the time. Besides, as narcissistic as this sounds, quantity reduces value. The more you have of something, the less valuable it becomes. For men to freely express their emotions there’s a fair level of effort needed as it’s something that doesn’t come naturally to them. If men did it frequently, it becomes the norm and loses its value. For example, if you eat caviar everyday, it’ll taste as interesting as plain rice after a while. Or if a guy was to say, “I love you,” five times a day, the words would lose their sentiment. However, if boys hold back on their feelings and express them only once in a while, they will hold much more significance when they do come out. And you’ll know that we’ll mean whatever we say with all our hearts."
"Some people are plain fools, some are really stupid. When you love someone who doesn’t love you back desperately, you are a fool. If you don’t have any idea that somewhere, somebody loves you, you’re stupid. Admittedly, I know I’m a fool. I just hope that you aren’t stupid."


This is like the cutest thing ever. It’s from the gif-set I reblogged.

Taking its first steps, and after successfully doing so, the chick goes “Yay!”


It’s so freaking cute.

"I want someone
to fall in love with me
and profoundly.
But I’m afraid of
what would happen
when that person finds out
my flaws and the monsters
inside me and realizes
I’m far from beautiful."


tries to look cute but fails


I keep your text messages because I’m afraid you won’t say those words again..

I love you like I have never loved anybody else before.

"The hardest part is when you start making them feel how you would want to connect the lines between you and them, they just start to fade away, and the pain of wanting them beside clings to you, like a disease- takes time to heal.."
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